Julie our optometrist checking the eyes of a young girl using a Tonometer

Children's Eye Care

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Children's Eye Care Templepatrick, Ballyclare, Antrim

Early Detection is Key.

Speciality Eye Care.

If you are looking to get an eye test for your child, get in touch with The Eye Care Clinic in Templepatrick. Our friendly experts will do a great job with your children’s eye care.

Many eye conditions do not have many symptoms, therefore your children may not be able to tell you they have a problem, they may think “blurry”is normal!

The best way to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy is to book an appointment at The Eye Care Clinic.

We recommend eye examinations from the age of 3 but if you have any concerns with a younger child, do not hesitate to contact our team, as it’s never too early. We also supply frames specifically for babies, ensuring a safe and comfortable fit.

Myopia Management

High levels of myopia (short sightedness) increase the risk of developing a range of ocular disease, this can be minimised by slowing down the progression of myopia. We can help to slow the progression by up to 60% with specialised spectacle lenses.

We are one of very few practices that are leading the way in Myopia Management with the new Myah, this latest technology precisely measures the shape and length of the eye and with careful analysis of the data we can recommend appropriate action.

This procedure can be repeated at subsequent appointments and any change appropriate action can be taken.

Free NHS Sight Tests for Under 19's in Full-time Education

Colour Vision Testing

Stereopsis Testing

Specialist Testing for Reading Difficulties

Retinal Photography

Myopia Control

A Range of Eye Conditions

At The Eye Care Clinic, we can test for and treat a wide range of eye conditions including hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. We can also provide glasses and contact lenses to correct your vision.

Julie our optometrist trying new frames on a young girl

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